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Joan Collins' beauty line is more than just a celeb name

Beauty businessman George Hammer was blown away when he first met Joan Collins.

(Cover) - EN Star Style - Joan Collins is the real deal when it comes to beauty, according to a top cosmetics guru.

The legendary actress is just as well known for her glamour as she is her TV and film work, which is why beauty businessman George Hammer asked her to create her own cosmetics line, Timeless Beauty, with his help.

"I'd never met Joan, and she won't be embarrassed with me saying this, this is the first time I've ever met the real deal. In our business we all meet lots of people and we all get involved in cosmetics and brands and all the stuff that you normally go to. But she just blew me away," George smiled to Cover Media.

"And actually what blew me away even more is that most people think, and it's take us a year or so to get people over the idea, that it's just another celebrity-endorsed brand, because it's not."

George knows a thing or two about beauty and is the man behind the exclusive Urban Retreat spa in Harrods, London.

His company Hammer Holdings also looks after Clarisonic and Murad UK, but Joan has proved one of his toughest associates.

"It's been a tough journey, because Joan will be extremely demanding," he laughed. "More demanding than the other brands that I work on. You do think that when I work with people like Aveda, Murad, Philip Kingsley... these guys pale into insignificance to Joan."

"I'm a perfectionist and I want everything to be perfect," Joan chimed in.

All Joan's hard work has paid off though, and George proudly boasts that customers are rarely unhappy with their purchases.

"We do sell products on (shopping channel) QVC and our return rates on QVC is the lowest because the customers love it," he added. "So it's not just another celebrity-endorsed range, it's Joan's heart and soul and she's put everything into it and she's a partner in the business.

"It's different to her just taking a royalty. And it's been a great partnership."

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