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Joan Collins blames Twitter for bad looks

Joan Collins believes social networking is to blame for peoples' unkempt looks.

The actress is famed for her ultra-glamorous look, and is never spotted looking less than immaculate.

The 78-year-old star despairs of people who make no effort with their attire, and blames today's obsession with technology for their far-from-perfect appearances.

"It seems that people are not taking so much care and pride in their appearance. Nobody has enough time and people spend a lot of time on their computers and emailing and Twittering and watching TV, and so possibly don't spend enough time on grooming themselves," she chimed.

Despite her polished appearance, Joan has admitted to a style blunder or two in the past. The star says something has got to give at times.

"Yes," she admitted when asked if she's ever gone out wearing chipped nail polish. "And I have attempted to rectify it just before I left the house and got nail varnish all over my skirt, so I would rather go out with chipped nail varnish!"

Joan is good at multi-tasking. She often uses travelling time to perfect her looks.

"I do it in the car if I'm not driving, but one can only do it at traffic lights - you can't really do it when it's moving," she told the UK edition of OK! magazine.

"Although you can powder and you can certainly do your hair. I often do that actually, if we are rushing out and I don't have time, I will do it in the car."

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