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Joan Collins' essential beauty tips

Joan Collins thinks loose cashmere pants are perfect for long-haul flights.

The British actress, who turns 81 this month, is one of the most glamorous ladies in Hollywood and continues to look fabulous on the red carpet. Taking on an agony aunt role, Joan took to the MailOnline to help others with beauty dilemmas.

She had quick tips on hand when one fan asked how to stay fresh while travelling.

"I constantly travel long-haul and it can dehydrate skin. I remove all my make-up and moisturise my face and hands every few hours," she told the website.

"I travel in loose black or grey cashmere trousers, a loose top and a blazer. I make sure to put on lipstick when I come off the plane - from my Divine Lip range - dark glasses and a fedora."

Joan has worked with QVC to create her own cosmetics range, Timeless Beauty. She was inspired by a famous make-up artist when creating an eyebrow pencil for her line of products.

"When I worked in Hollywood, I was taught many beauty tips by Marilyn Monroe’s make-up artist Allan Snyder," she revealed. "He told me to always keep eyebrow pencils pin sharp and to use two different shades - one on top of the other - to build up a natural, full-looking brow.

"I thought of this when I created the Contour Eyebrow Pencil Duo - each double-ended pencil has two shades. Use short strokes of each to get naturally thicker-looking brows."

More of Joan's beauty advice included cleansing your face properly and not being afraid to reach for a hairpiece if suffering from thinning locks.

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