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Joan Collins: Jeans are for the young

Joan Collins thinks most women should throw out their jeans when they turn 40.

However, the 78-year-old actress believes she can get away with wearing denim as she is among a select few who can pull off the look.

Discussing glamour tips from her new book, The World According to Joan, the ever-glamorous actress thinks there are only a handful of 40-plus women who look good in jeans - and she is one of them.

"Frankly, [wearing jeans] just makes everyone look the same," she explained in an interview with BBC Breakfast.

"One of the things about being glamorous is that you have to find your own look.

"If you must wear jeans, which are rarely glamorous in women over 40, wear dark blue or black and pair them with t-shirts that are fitted or jackets that are classically cut.

Joan advises finding a signature look. The star thinks women should understand what suits their body type and what pieces to steer clear of.

"A lot of the best dressed [older women] have defined their look," she said. "My advice is to find a style that suits you and stick to it."

It is not the first time Joan has expressed her views on age appropriate clothing.

Earlier this month she told the UK edition of Glamour magazine women should avoid wearing "pu*y pelments" past the age of 35.

Joan also listed a number of her essential style rules, including that hair extensions are "fine" to wear. The actress then discussed fake tan, which is becoming increasingly popular in recent years.

"Fine, as long as it's not on your face," she said.


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