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Joan Collins: Kids can wear cosmetics

Joan Collins thinks children should be allowed to wear "a little" make-up.

The 78-year-old responded to a question that was posed by a TV host when discussing Suri Cruise wearing cosmetics. The young daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is famed for her love of lip gloss and high heels.

Joan thinks it's alright for young girls to use cosmetics to enhance their looks.

"When they get to around 11 or 12 I think it is OK for children to wear a little lip gloss and a little powder," she told TV talk show host Lorraine.

"And to curl their hair."

Despite her opinion, Joan thinks children should embrace their innocence. The glamorous star says girls shouldn't be in a rush to mature.

"But I think little girls shouldn't grow up too fast, because with a life expectancy of 85 today, why do you want to throw your childhood away looking like an adult?" she mused. "Be a little girl for as long as possible."

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