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Joan Collins: Looking elegant is key

Joan Collins only shows off her arms when she is rocking a sun tan.

The 81-year-old star has her own range of make-up and products called Timeless Beauty but also enjoys creating clothes. She is often seen in her own pieces, such as a white sequinned dress she wore during a night out recently. For Joan, coming up with her own range is good because it helps her always look her best.

"Clothes are a passion of mine and I enjoy designing them," she told British magazine Hello!

"In the winter I tend to keep my arms covered but when I'm tanned I can get away with sleeveless. I've learned what suits me, what parts of my body to 'play up' and I hope I get the right balance of looking groomed and elegant without straying into 'mutton' territory."

Joan has always done her own make-up as she believes she knows what suits her better than professional artists.

She also tackles her hair alone, preferring not to make too much of a fuss of her locks. That means occasionally when she's seen out and about not everything is as it seems.

"I don't spend hours getting ready for a night out. I take minimal time with my hair, allowing it to dry naturally or, often, opting for one of my wigs," she revealed. "Women make so much effort with their hair, blow-drying it, teasing it, lacquering it. But whenever I do that, I usually get hit by a great gust of wind. You can buy some amazing wigs these days."

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