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Joan Collins’ magic make-up

Dame Joan Collins only wears the make-up from her own collection.

The iconic English actress is not only the queen of glamour but also the queen mother on fictional TV show The Royals.

Fellow glamour puss Elizabeth Hurley plays Queen Helena, but Joan is able to hold her own in the beauty stakes thanks to her cosmetics line Timeless Beauty.

"Just to add how good for example the make-up base is; I was just working on a show called The Royals two or three weeks ago, during that unbelievable heat wave that we had. We were on a boiling hot set with hundreds and hundreds of candles, I had put my make-up on at 6.30 in the morning and we worked for 17 hours and we finished at 11 o’clock at night and it was still perfect. And that is how good the base is, it really is. That's why I thought First Base [for the name]," Joan smiled to Cover Media.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty was launched in March last year and has already amassed a cult following. Sold on shopping channel QVC, 82-year-old Joan envisioned a sophisticated and attainable line for beauty fans.

And fans who want to recreate Joan's glamour need look no further than the collection.

"And I don't wear anything else. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart - I just don't try anything else. I mean, yes of course, I try things sometimes, but I wouldn't wear anything else apart from the First Base, which I have on now, and all the different lipsticks, which are superb," she smiled.

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