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Joan Collins: Short skirts aren't fashionable

Joan Collins disapproves of young girls wearing "the shortest skirts".

The actress is famed for her role as Alexis Carrington in TV show Dynasty where she became renowned for wearing suits with power shoulders and immaculate make-up. It's a look Joan loves in real life, and the star despairs of young women who dress is an inappropriate manner.

"They must get so cold," she replied when asked what she thinks about the current crop of sports wives and girlfriends. "They wear the shortest skirts and the highest heels and the lowest tops - when its 40 below freezing!

"It's not just WAGs, it's most young girls."

Joan thinks aspiring fashionistas should look to past Hollywood stars for inspiration.

The 78-year-old admires the classical beauty of old screen sirens such as Marilyn Monroe.

"I guess she was the ultimate," she smiled.

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