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Joan Collins talks expensive jewellery

Joan Collins has revealed the most precious item she owns.

The legendary actress-and-author is renowned for her glamorous style and iconic looks.

The 79-year-old has built up an impressive wardrobe during her lengthy career in Hollywood, but says the ring is the piece of jewellery she prizes the most.

"[The most expensive item in my wardrobe is] a beautiful Theo Fennell ring, which he designed for me," Joan gushed to British magazine Grazia. "It's gold and has a diamond with rubies and sapphires around on it, and on the back it has my initials. He's a very good friend and a wonderful jeweller."

Joan is best known for playing her super-diva character Alexis Carrington Colby in the 1980s soap opera Dynasty. Her look for the role, which consisted of huge wigs and lashings of make-up, was something that stuck with her for years after she left the show.

"Everyone remembered my character Alexis and thought that was all I could do so I became very typecast," she explained.

Joan has previously explained how she shed the stereotype associated with her Dynasty role. She managed to do this by developing the iconic appearance she still has today which is made up of eyeliner-ringed green eyes, set in a heart-shaped pale face with trademark bright lipstick.

"I took control of my image from shortly after I left 20th Century Fox," Joan told British newspaper The Telegraph.

"They put me in those wigs, dreadful wigs, and painted my face. I was in my 20s - early 20s - and I looked 40. I had to conform to so much."

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