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Joan Rivers: Angelina Jolie is beautiful

Joan Rivers wants to look like Angelina Jolie.

The 78-year-old comedienne is renowned for her brash manner and her numerous cosmetic surgeries. She often pokes fun at other celebrities and criticises the way they look.

One star Joan admires in the looks department however is Hollywood beauty Angelina. Joan has teased that her next cosmetic procedure will be done with the aim to look like the stunning star.

"Oh yes, I would like to end up looking like Angelina Jolie. And it will happen!" she laughed in an interview with OK! Magazine.

"I have to find that doctor."

Joan appears alongside Kelly Osbourne as a judge on weekly fashion show Fashion Police, where the panel discusses the do's and don'ts of celebrity fashion.

Joan has addressed a criticism that Kelly made about Britain's Duchess of Cambridge for wearing the same dress more than once.

"Kelly is still in that generation of princess worship like a little girl - 'if I were a princess I'd only wear a dress once.' I think that's what she means," she explained.

"We all went through that with Diana. We couldn't wait to see what she was wearing next. I think it's great that Catherine is re-wearing her clothes in this kind of period of life."

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