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Joan Rivers: I can't walk in my heels

Joan Rivers buys shoes like "an idiot", as she never ends up wearing them.

The outspoken star regrets purchasing so much footwear over the years. Joan totally misjudges when she'll wear them, so ends up buying impractical high-heeled pairs.

"All the platform shoes that I love and I buy and then I do not wear," she said when asked what her biggest fashion regret is. "I have shoes that, literally, the soles are not touched and it's usually Chanels. They're too high, you buy them, you say these are gorgeous and I'm terrified. I can't walk in them. I can sit in them on camera. I have about seven pairs, because I still buy them like an idiot. Most of them are Chanels, and Louboutins."

Joan has also discussed the topic of miniskirts versus maxi skirts. The comedienne believes those with impressive pins should choose a higher hem.

"Minis if you're young. If you've got great legs, show your legs while you can," she told Stylelist.

Joan has revealed her first expensive buy. The 78-year-old star has recalled stepping into a high end store after setting her sights on a designer bag.

"My first designer purchase was an Hermes purse. I was working in Lord and Taylor and Hermes had just come to the United States. It was only at Lord and Taylor. And I thought, that's beautiful. It was orange, the traditional orange. I thought it was terrific, and it wasn't that expensive," she revealed.

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