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Joan Rivers: I critique my clothes

Joan Rivers is her own ideal shopping partner as she'd tell herself she looks like a "pig" in things.

The comedienne thinks people should be honest when asked for an opinion on an outfit. Joan would rather not take anyone out with her while she's shopping as she can critique her own choices.

"Myself," she told Stylelist when asked who her ideal shopping buddy would be. "Because there's so many things I look like a pig in. And no matter what, [my daughter] Melissa will say, 'You look good.'"

Joan has discussed what trend she hopes dies down. The television personality doesn't understand fashion that isn't body-skimming.

"Baggy, and this pyjama trend," she said. "Everything being oversized. We starve ourselves, we go to the gym - even people my age - we live on lettuce and then you put on baggy jeans?"

Joan is famed for her opulent appearance. The 78-year-old thinks everyone should follow her rules of dress, explaining a look into the past provides great style tips.

"Overdress. I'm trying to bring glamour back," she smiled.

"Oh, the 30s [are my favourite era]. The glamour of the 30s: the bias cut, the white satin with white fox. Just glorious clothes. The accessory with those are limos."

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