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Joan Rivers: VB is perfect

Joan Rivers thinks Rihanna can pull off any fashion trend.

The 81-year-old comedian is famed for giving her, sometimes strict, views on what celebrities wear to major events on her Fashion Police TV show. Not all stars come in for a tongue-lashing though, with the Barbadian beauty one of the few Joan admires.

"Well, I do have to give it to Rihanna. She's the Audrey Hepburn of this generation and can make anything look amazing. Oh, and Victoria Beckham is flawless," she told the American edition of OK! magazine.

As far as Joan is concerned, few other A-list stars get it so right. She gets particularly offended by those who insist on flashing copious amounts of skin whenever they are out and about.

"What upsets me is the message that some actresses are sending to young girls, which is, 'Bare your breasts, don't wear underwear.' When you're a role model, you've got to play along. That's the game," she insisted.

Also coming in for criticism are those who report on the red carpet. Joan is bored of reading saccharine reviews of dresses, insisting some in the industry aren't always honest.

"It's so boring! The reporters are scared to ask anything juicy and the stars are no fun. Everyone plays it safe," she fumed. "That's why I don't cover events anymore and why we invented Fashion Police, so we could be up front and say the truth."

Kelly Osbourne is one of those who joins Joan on the show, which sees the panel pass judgement on the fashion hits and misses the A-list have donned.

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