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Joel Edgerton feels free to wear skirts

Joel Edgerton went shopping for a skirt to get into character for Exodus: Gods and Kings.

The Australian actor is gearing up for the release of his latest film Exodus: Gods and Kings, a biblical epic focusing on the story of Moses.

Helmed by Ridley Scott and with Christian Bale as the lead, Joel takes on the role of Moses' brother Rhamses. Set in ancient Egyptian times, Joel was required to wear the correct garb for the part - including a skirt.

"It's an incredibly liberating feeling to have a skirt on; in fact I know you can buy skirts and you can buy work kilts and all sorts of stuff. I kind of loved it. Particularly dressed as the character with the jewellery and the chest-plate bodices and shirts and sandals, it felt strangely masculine. I'm very much a peacock in the movie," Joel smiled to the British edition of GQ magazine.

To help get into character, Joel decided he needed a practice skirt to get a feel for the clothing.

Shunning anything from the costume department, the 40-year-old hit the high street in search of the perfect garment.

"When I was doing the movie I decided I needed a rehearsal skirt. I didn't want to ask costume to hand one of their beautiful creations over, because I was probably going to take it home and drop chicken and spill coffee on it. I thought, 'I'll just get a skirt to get comfortable wearing it, getting used to not having pants on.'

"I went down Portobello Road, I stopped in at AllSaints, but they were all miniskirts made of leather. I said, 'I need a skirt' - there was a long pause - 'one that would fit someone my size.' I was trying to be covert about it. I got this woollen purple skirt that had a bit of a kilt feeling about it, and I would wear that to my fight rehearsals," he laughed.

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