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Joel Edgerton: Shaving head transformed me

Joel Edgerton got his eyeliner for Exodus: Gods and Kings drawn on by Ridley Scott.

The Hollywood star plays biblical baddie Pharaoh Ramses in Ridley Scoot's retelling of the Moses story.

Christian Bale takes on the lead role, and both men were required to transform for the film - set in the times of the pyramids. As well as the physical change, 40-year-old Joel also experienced a personal one.

"I was at a very low point in my life, I'd done this really difficult film, and for personal reasons I was coming out of a relationship and I was feeling really sh*t actually. And then I got drawn into this conversation with Ridley, which meant flying to London.

"I kind of shed my skin through the process in a way. I was getting my head shaved, I was wearing this weird costume, and I kind of loved the experience," Joel revealed to the British edition of GQ magazine.

To play Ramses, Joel had to wear a skirt and admits sporting the womeswear in his own time to get a feel for it.

The Australian hunk also got a personal makeover from Ridley.

"What was bizarre too was that I had one of my favourite filmmakers sitting right beside me, making me do all that. He drew this eyeliner on me, and I got to sit there with him and I was like, I'm a really lucky person. He'd convinced me in two short days that he could make the transformation work," he smiled.

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