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John Cena dedicated to workouts

Actor and wrestler John Cena sees failure as a wonderful way to improve oneself.

Actor John Cena hasn't missed a single workout in 27 years.

The 39-year-old star began his career as a WWE wrestler before trying his hand at acting, scoring roles in movies Trainwreck and Sisters along with TV show Parks and Recreation.

He still maintains a buff physique though and with the help of trainer Rob McIntyre, John has kept things up for over two decades.

"If you miss one, it's easier to slide, and then you skip a bunch," he told Men's Health magazine of his strict regime. "The same goes for eating correctly."

John includes protein and vegetables in every meal and every snack, relying on shakes and bars while on the road. Rob is impressed with the actor's dedication and sets him four workouts every week - two upper-body and two Olympic lift sessions.

"Some Olympians I work with fight for four years to make a five-pound improvement in their max," Rob said. "John is at that level, operating near his peak strength."

The hulking star admits he was bullied at 12 years old, leading him to commit to building his body and gaining strength. He first turned to the Weider multipurpose weight machine as a youngster, before former strength coach Rob got him into functional training rather than relying on weights.

"I have to be able to move in the confines of my industry," John noted. "I was completely out of my comfort zone. These lifts need to be done with elegance, like a golf swing. It's just not balls to the wall and go for it. You have to do them right.

"Those moments (of failure) aren't frustrating; they're wonderful. Failure is important because it forces you to look in the mirror and analyse your weaknesses."

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