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John Mayer: I'm over hats

John Mayer thinks people looked to him for style advice even when they didn't admit it.

There was a time when the 37-year-old star was rarely pictured without some flashy headgear, but he's since moved on. He still has a lot of time for the accessory, but believes they look has been saturated.

"It's been really fun going through Western movies and finding all the different ways you can wear a hat. I don't do it as much as I used to, because I feel like I've completed the journey," he explained to "You know, I got made fun of for the hat for a long time. And now I see a lot of people going for the hat. A lot of people."

Hats aren't the only John's had a rethink about. There was a point when he was borderline obsessive about trainers, but that is now in the past too.

The musician would famously buy new versions as soon as they were released, particularly if they were Nike. Looking back he believes he was trying to cling to his childhood - that and trying to make money, so when he realised he wasn't going to make a profit by selling them on he had a rethink.

"Oh, I was into it, yeah. I think we all were. It was an extension of adolescence. Of baseball cards or something. All of my friends had closets - all you'd see was Nike orange from all the boxes. And I had 'em all. I think there was a Golden Age of it. There was the Air Max 360. There was the moment when they would put out all these great Air Max 90s," he reminisced.

Eventually John gave away most of his collection, only saving rarities for himself.

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