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John Mayer's fashion 'flair points' system

John Mayer allows himself one show-off moment when he is putting an outfit together.

The 37-year-old singer prides himself on trying different fashion looks, even if they aren't always appreciated by the mainstream media. While some might think he overdoes it at times, John actually has a very strict set of policies for when he's choosing an outfit.

"Yeah, you develop your own rules. Like, I've got a rule: you only get a certain amount of flair points, and you can't spend too many points on one outfit. So if you're gonna wear a hat - which you absolutely can - that's most of your flair points. Big part of your budget on your hat," he told

"Or if you're just gonna wear jeans and a T-shirt, you can go nuts with the boots. And if you want to wear a white T-shirt and blue jeans, you can wear whatever you want over it - you can wear the weirdest Tibetan robe over it. That's your show-off moment."

John doesn't worry about being on best-dressed lists, as he'd rather give things a go than be too scared to branch out into new looks. This is one of the reasons why he's heavily into Tibetan robes of late, which he gushes are so good because they can be used for multiple things.

"You can use it as a background to take pictures of things for Instagram. You can use it as a blanket. You can use it as a tent. I've watched movies under it on the airplane - it's breathable!" he marvelled. "You can use it as a paparazzi shield."

Despite how passionate John is about the robes, they haven't gone down so well with the public. To his horror he was once pictured in one and accused of leaving his house in his bathrobe, something it took him a little while to get over.

"It's like, 'Well, actually it's a totally hand-painted, natural dye... It's made with real indigo and crushed up ladybugs!'" he explained.

The star revealed that he's quite often inspired by other men when it comes to clothes, as he likes to see how others put outfits together. For him, fashion is also about creating a new identity.

He argues that's the same for a lot of people and is the reason why some go for drastic new haircuts or grow facial hair, likening the idea to someone entering the witness protection program as it allows them to take on a new persona.

"Sometimes in life you just don't want to be recognisable to yourself. A lot of people get f**ked up for that reason. I was drinking - I was drinking a whole hell of a lot. I was heavy, and layers favour the heavy man," he said of a period when he wore a lot of clothes at once.

"Well, wearing layers is sort of like - just trying to get out of it by way of subterfuge. And then you get healthy again, and you put on your white tee and jeans and you're like bam!"

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