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Jon Bon Jovi talks denim

Jon Bon Jovi only takes one bag on tour.

The rocker is preparing to go on tour with Bon Jovi bandmates David Bryan, Tico Torres and Richie Sambora in June.

Whereas many stars take heaps of suitcases, the musician insists he won’t be indulging in any diva behaviour when it comes to packing.

“Out of all the guys, I have the least amount of luggage,” he assured British magazine Star.

“I have one little bag. I only own two pairs of jeans. I don’t need big hotel rooms, entourages, or stuff. I’m very low maintenance.”

Jon celebrates his 51st birthday next month, but still looks very youthful.

However, he insists he’s just lucky when it comes to fending off wrinkles.

“It’s good genes,” he shrugged.

“I’m not the lotions and potions guy. I’d never consider surgery. I work out like crazy and love running. No one recognises me – I run like an old man.”

At the end of next month Bon Jovi will release their new album What About Now.

Despite looking forward to getting back on the road, Jon jokes he and the band will fight like spouses on tour.

“I hate those sons of b***hes,” he laughed. “The band is a marriage in itself. It’s 30 years of the same guys!”

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