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Jordana Brewster: Show shopping rocked

Jordana Brewster has "so much fun" with the unlimited shopping budget for her Dallas wardrobe.

The actress plays Elena Ramos in the hit TV series, which follows the wealthy Ewing oil family living in Dallas, Texas.

Jordana boats an enviable wardrobe in the show and loves nothing more than browsing numerous rails of clothes to outfit her on-trend character.

"What I love most about shooting Dallas and working with the wardrobe is that the costume designer takes me shopping," she told "We literally go to Scoop and Highland Park. She's like, 'Let's go shopping and do it that way.'

"The budget is unlimited in that scenario. I've never had so much fun shopping."

Jordana has explained her character's style must-haves. The 32-year-old star likes having a "very practical" wardrobe on the show.

"My character is pretty low maintenance," she said. "She's always in AG jeans. She's always in flats because she has to work. So she wears flat boots."

Jordana is excited to push the boundaries of Elena's signature style.

"I hope that next season she's in the office a little more and that we get to spruce her up a bit," she exclaimed. "That would be fun."

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