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Jordin Sparks: Slim figure freaks me out

Jordin Sparks is "freaked out" by her newly svelte physique.

The American Idol winner is proudly showing off her slimmed down body after going from a US size 14 to a size two. Despite her smaller frame, Jordin admits that she never thought she would ever be that petite,

"I always said, 'I'll never be a size two,'" she revealed in an interview with In Touch magazine. "And now that I am, it's freaking me out!"

Jordin doesn't intend on losing any more weight but just wants to "tone up" now. The 22-year-old songstress plans to keeps a sensible attitude towards her figure.

"I thought I looked cute before," she added.

"I never wanted to get skinny - I wanted to get healthy. I'm in the best shape of my life. I have muscles popping out I've never seen before."

Although Jordin felt the pressure to be thin in Hollywood she only made the changes when she wanted to, and not because she felt she had to.

"I try to do an hour of circuit training every day and go for a hike or do a Zumba class," she said of her work out routine.

Jordin spoke of her weight loss shortly after unveiling it for all to see on her Twitter page last summer. She explained that her new figure was the result of a healthy exercise and diet routine.

"Instead of just talking about being active, I made it a priority," she said at the time.

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