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Joseph Gordon-Levitt has sense of style

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is "very meticulous" about his everyday style.

The 31-year-old actor stars in Looper - a sci-fi action film based in a futuristic gangland. Joseph was styled by costume designer Sharen Davis, who insists his day-to-day wardrobe was very different to his on-screen outfits.

"Their styles are not the same at all. Joseph is very meticulous about his clothing and his fit. He's got a good sense of style and we knew we were pushing a look on him that he hadn't really worn," she told WWD of the film ensembles.

Bruce Willis plays a future version of Joseph's character in the film, and Sharen has explained how she approached outfitting the two actors.

"Joseph wears a lot of traditional Stacy Adams shoes because I pulled his look from the 1950s. I augmented the bottom with a lug sole so it looked a little more hip. I also put a different rim on the soles and braces on the laces," she revealed.

"Bruce Willis - or the older Joe character who comes from 30 years in the future - is wearing Keen shoes. We tried to use no buttons or zippers for all the future wardrobe, so that footwear is all slip-ons."

Looper is set 30 years in the future. However, the styling was inspired by bygone eras.

"Most of the characters' styles are mixed between the 1920s and the 1980s, which isn't too far off from how people dress today," Sharen added. "We just did small things to twist the look."

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