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Joss Stone goes granny with her PJs

Joss Stone would go barefaced every day if her job didn't demand make-up.

(Cover) - EN Star Style - Joss Stone loves slipping into her "grandma pyjamas" after a long day.

Fans will be more used to seeing the Grammy winner in glamorous outfits, with the singer favouring brightly coloured dresses. But when she's enjoying some downtime, the 28-year-old is just like the rest of us, citing her "grandma pyjamas" as one of her favourite outfits.

"I only wear them when I'm home alone," she giggled to German newspaper Bild. "They're so kitschy, but also really soft. I look like a cuddly teddy bear when I'm wearing them!"

Ever since Joss burst onto the music scene with her soulful voice, she's been known for her blonde, flowing locks and natural beauty look. When it comes to make-up, she'd rather keep it simple.

"I'm not one of those girly girls that loves getting dolled up," she admitted. "I just don't find it fun. But all the make-up is part of my job. I'd rather go out barefaced though."

Despite the glitz and glamour her life affords her, Joss has always been low maintenance. Even at Sir Elton John's wedding in December, the musician felt uncomfortable when she was dressed in expensive accessories.

"At Elton John’s wedding I was put in diamonds. I didn’t even ask for them, but you can’t kick up a fuss and say no, so you just smile and let them do it," she previously told MailOnline.

"And then I’m there with these bl***y diamonds on and I was on the dancefloor dancing my little butt off having a laugh and then I felt my ears and one of them was gone.

"So then I’m scrabbling on the floor under all these people’s feet looking a right idiot trying to find this diamond, feeling sick because if I don’t find it then I have to pay for it.

"Thank God I did. But for me it’s just way too stressful; I’d rather wear a £2 pair I’ve got at home."

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