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Julia Frauche: Models are too competitive

Julia Frauche was shocked when models stopped talking to her after her New York Fashion Week success.

The 23-year-old model has been working since she was 18 but only recently starting walking in high fashion runway shows.

During the recent spate of Spring/Summer Fashion Weeks she took part in the Calvin Klein presentation in New York, Fendi in Milan and walked for Balenciaga and Miu Miu in Paris.

Not everyone was impressed by her success.

"Yeah, [models get competitive] a little bit. For me, it's OK, I'm happy for everyone. Everyone has a place here," she said. "But some of the girls, they're younger; at the beginning of New York Fashion Week, they talked to me, but after New York, they didn't talk to me anymore. I was like, 'OK, I'm not 16 anymore. I don't want that, I don't care about it. I'm going to do my job and that's it.'"

Julia was shy when she began modelling, which is why she never tried to get bookings for Fashion Week. She recently changed agencies and decided to give the big presentations one last try.

She's thrilled she did that and has some memories which will never leave her.

"I have two. Calvin Klein in New York because I didn't expect it at all. I found out the day before I was walking the show, so I couldn't sleep all night. I was so nervous and I don't know - this feeling when I entered the catwalk, it was amazing," she told The Cut. "And then the second one was Chanel because I worked there for five years before, doing showroom and fittings, so it was a big gift for me to do the show."

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