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Julia Louis-Dreyfus joins Old Navy

Julia Louis-Dreyfus' fearless humour has landed her a massive campaign with Old Navy.

The 53-year-old actress is part of the brand's new campaign, which debuts today and will run through until summer 2015.

Old Navy is a division of Gap, Inc. and has garnered famous fans over the years, such as Katie Holmes, who is close pals with its style ambassador Joe Zee.

The first video released was directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Roman Coppola and encourages people to do their Christmas shopping at Old Navy.

In a description released by the label it says Julia will be playing "a character who is always pleased with herself but not above interrupting her self-congratulatory monologues to race off to Old Navy to take advantage of holiday sales."

This sees her hosting a festive feast for guests but all the while it's clear she wants to rush over to the shops. Eventually she does give in to her retail craving.

Julia also contributed heavily to the creative side and worked closely with the broadcast and print ad agency, New York-based Chandelier Creative, on the finished results.

"Julia has a fearless sense of humour and is going to provide plenty of laughs in both the broadcast spots and the outtakes," the brand's global chief marketing officer Ivan Wicksteed told The Hollywood Reporter. "But she's much more than that - she's also a creative partner and open to bending the rules of TV advertising, which is important to us in creating this campaign."

The actress' stint comes after fellow star Amy Poehler fronted the retailer's ads. In one funny clip the blonde beauty rocks a bowl-cut wig and talks a lot about the art world, seeming to mock those who invest their time and money into such hobbies.

"This is a challenging piece. It’s so stupid it's hard to understand, and that can be interesting," she says at one point in the ad.

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