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Julia Roberts loyal to Lancôme

Julia Roberts' early childhood memories revolve around her mother's eyeliner.

The 47-year-old actress has been the face of Lancôme for around five years and is a big fan of the products. There is one in particular she can't get enough of, but Julia insists it's not because of her links with the brand.

"I love the new Absolue L'Extrait cosmetic water [Beautifying Lotion]. You expect it to be a basic face mist, but when it hits your face, you go, 'Oh wow. That feels great.' It's like walking into a field of flowers just as the morning dew has settled. But the real magic is in the black jar - the Absolue L'Extrait Regenerating Elixir. I went to a dinner recently and had a solid ten-minute conversation with a woman about how incredible this face cream is," she laughed to British magazine Hello!

Beauty has been a big part of Julia's life for many years. Some of her earliest memories centre on cosmetics, such as the products her mother used while she was growing up.

"My mother and her liquid eyeliner. I loved when she applied it. I tried it once and ended up with an eyeball full of eyeliner," she recalled.

Julia was also quizzed on the qualities she likes her female friends to have. One of them was surprising, with the actress joking she likes to surround herself with hot women.

"Aside from a hot ass, I admire transparency. I want to know who I'm dealing with. Don't pretend to be a person and then turn around..." she said.

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