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Julia Roberts: Mirrors aren't important

Julia Roberts doesn't put "huge investment" into looking in mirrors.

The beauty stars as the vain evil queen in upcoming Snow White remake Mirror Mirror. Julia has revealed her own narcissist habits, and insists there isn't much time in her hectic schedule to think about what she looks like.

"When I brush my teeth in the morning I'm looking at myself. I just don't put a huge investment in it," she quipped in an interview with the UK edition of OK! magazine.

"I mean, anybody with kids know there's just not a lot of time."

The brunette beauty is married to Daniel Moder and the pair have three children together; twins Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus 'Finn' Walter and Henry Daniel.

Julia is amazed by the things people do to maintain their youthful looks. The 44-year-old star thinks too many stars invest too much time in trying to look good.

"It's pretty incredible. I think it's exhausting really, but I guess some people have more time to spend on it than would be interesting to me," she said.

Julia has revealed her top tips for staying beautiful. The stunning star credits happiness in her personal life to her glowing looks.

"Well, you've got to keep up with your maintenance, right?" she mused. "It's just happiness and the love of a good man. I think that keeps you."


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