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Julia Roberts relaxed at Oscars

Julia Roberts' hairstylist didn't want her locks to look "overdone" for the Oscars.

The 46-year-old actress dazzled at the 2014 Academy Awards on Sunday in a stunning Givenchy black lace peplum gown. Her hair was pulled back into a loose, low twist to give a more relaxed feel to the outfit.

Julia's long-time stylist Serge Normant created her look for the prestigious ceremony. He has opened up about his inspirations behind the 'do.

“It was slightly '30s inspired. It’s very loose, with a side part, and a very loose wave in the front. The rest is very piled up in the back in a messy bun. It’s uneven. It’s messy, deconstructed,” he told People, adding that it took 45 minutes to finish.

“At the Oscars you don’t want to be uptight, but at the same time it’s the Oscars. You want the look to have a little extra elegance. It felt glamorous without being overdone. I think she was happy with it.”

Julia's locks were noticeably lighter too as she posed on the red carpet. Serge revealed he and the film star had already spoken about giving her a new look.

“We had planned to go lighter. She has been blonde before," he recalled. “We love the ombré feel but we just went for a really light colour. It still has a little gold and dimension, but not as definite as dark roots and light ends. We didn’t want it to be one colour, but [there's] less of a contrast.”

Make-up artist Genevieve Herr gave the actress her natural finish on the night. Julia asked the beauty expert for a "beautiful eye" and Genevieve aimed to complement her new blonde appearance.

“I took that into consideration. For the eyes, black would be a little bit too much for blonde hair, so that’s why I decided to use brown, to make it look softer," Genevieve explained.

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