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Julianne Hough: Don’t do crash diets

Julianne Hough has slammed crash diets, and says the best way to lose weight is “slow and smart”.

The 26-year-old actress opened up about slimming down in a new post on her official website.

Julianne is known for her dancer’s figure and toned physique, but she told her fans that she doesn’t take a quick route when it comes to getting into shape.

“Every year, as the summer season approaches I get really frustrated when I hear about girls doing unhealthy things in hopes of achieving a bikini-ready body,” she wrote. “There are bazillions of silly crash diets, pills and other products promising a quick, easy fix. These things aren’t only bad for your health but the results are short term. In fact, people usually end up putting more on than they started with once they stop.

Speaking about having to wear a bikini for a scene in 2013 movie Safe Haven, Julianne admitted she was forced to take a long look at her diet when it came to getting into shape.

However, instead of following a crash diet to shed the pounds, Julianne decided to ditch the fried, fatty foods for a new “clean” eating regime.

“When I was filming Safe Haven in Southport, North Carolina, you’d better believe I was indulging in all of that great Southern fried food! According to the script, the whole beach scene with my character, Katie, and Josh Duhamel’s character, Alex would be shot with me in shorts and a tank top,” Julianne continued. “Immediately I went from eating everything in sight to cutting out carbs, salt, sugar and alcohol. Instead, I filled up on lots of proteins like eggs, fish and chicken plus tons of veggies and more water than you can imagine. I was still eating — a lot, even! But I was eating clean.

“Remember, when it comes to getting into shape: slow and smart is the way to go. It’s never ever a good idea to be starving and miserable.”

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