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Julianne Hough: I'm skinny fat

Julianne Hough starts "picking" herself apart when she doesn't work out.

The American star is envied for her blonde tresses and perfect curves and always stuns on the red carpet.

On top of being an actress and singer Julianne is also a professional dancer and often wears skin-tight outfits while busting moves. She does sometimes have trepidations about her body but insists she wouldn't want it any other way.

"Being in this business, we think, the skinnier, the better, but you can be skinny fat," she told Women's Health magazine, recalling when her stylist told her she looked "smaller than ever" during a period of little exercise. "I'm like, 'Yeah, but I'm not toned, and my skin is kind of flabby. I hate that.' I would so much rather be a bit thicker and know that my body is healthy. If I'm not active, I get depressed. Well, I wouldn't say that word. I start picking myself apart."

Dancing doesn't only keep Julianne in shape, it also lifts her mood. She believes there's no way someone can feel sad or lonely when they're taking part in a fun activity and pointed out that Daybreaker "dance raves" are the new craze in the US.

"At seven in the morning, everyone just goes, and they dance. Awesome!" Julianne smiled.

She has emerged as champion twice on ABC's Dancing with the Stars and loves the rush it gave her. Julianne is now a judge on the panel and enjoys watching contestants experience the same high she has while on the dance floor.

"It's honestly life-changing for people because it brings out a side they may have suppressed for years," she explained. "You let go of being self-conscious. Maybe you're reserved and you learn it's OK to be wild, sexy, whatever."

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