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Julianne Hough likes 'experimental' style

Julianne Hough loved "experimenting" with her look on Dancing with the Stars.

The professional dancer had a great time on the popular TV show because she enjoys playing around with her hair and make-up.

She also adored dressing up in the various costumes.

"I love fashion, I love beauty, I love makeup, I love hair," she told People. "When I was on Dancing with the Stars, it was fun to experiment I hadn't been able to do that so much because I was afraid [of my look being] so different."

The Footloose actress recently chopped off her long blonde locks.

Julianne wasn't worried about the change and finds it liberating to try new things.

"I took the bold move of cutting off my hair, so I might as well keep going on the bold move streak," she laughed. "I can look different with each hairstyle that I do, so I almost feel like I'm playing a different character every time I get ready."

The star has tried many different hair colours from red to brown.

However, she does feel that she is a blonde at heart.

"I'll always have blonde hair when I'm not working," she revealed. "I'm trying to get my hair healthy so I'm not colouring it right now."

Despite her love of theatrics, Julianne admitted that sometimes the casual look is the most comfortable.

Although she adores trying new looks she isn't afraid to go completely natural.

"I think the thing that's most me, especially right now, is my hair up in a pony that's rolled up into a messy bun. No makeup and just casual," she smiled.

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