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Julianne Hough offers advice on how to stay blemish free while travelling

Julianne Hough's top tip on how to avoid blemishes while travelling on an aeroplane is to go make-up free for the flight.

Entertainer Julianne Hough avoids blemishes when she travels by going make-up free on flights.

The Dancing With the Stars judge and Footloose star travels the world on a regular basis, but despite her frenzied schedule, Julianne always manages to look flawless, and she has now revealed her top tips for maintaining a fresh-faced complexion.

"My #1 rule: No Make-up," Julianne, 27, wrote in a blog post on her official website. "If you’re flying straight from work or an event, or you want your babe to see the best painted version of you before saying goodbye at the drop off, okay fine. But wash it off before stepping foot on that flight. If you’re incredibly uncomfortable going without, a tinted-moisturiser, rose-hued lip balm, and a touch of mascara will do the job."

While there are countless beauty products aimed at the frequent flyer, Julianne insists you only need the basics to ward off spots.

Another vital item is water - the stunning blonde advises those who take pride in their appearance to drastically increase their intake of H2O during flights.

"Flying can be super drying for your skin and body," Julianne continued. "It is worth the additional trips to the loo to keep you quenched from the inside out."

While some people might use a flight to sleep or catch up on the latest movies, Julianne takes her skincare regime incredibly seriously while travelling. So much so that she likes to cleanse with a face wipe halfway through the flight.

"About halfway through a long flight or right around landing, I like to refresh my skin with an invigorating cleansing and toning pad," she wrote. "This removes any excess oil and overall feeling of grossness. Single sealed pads are the way to go because they’ll never dry out, you only take what you need, and you know they’re clean enough to touch your face."

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