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Julianne Hough talks 'cheerleader' costume

Julianne Hough looked like a "Dallas Cowboys cheerleader" in her new movie attire because there was a lot of "white and fringe".

The stunning star appears as Sherrie Christian in musical movie Rock of Ages, alongside an ensemble cast including Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand.

Julianne's character works as a waitress who is an aspiring actress and she had to don a series of skimpy outfits for the role. She has joked her attire was reminiscent of a popular American football cheerleading troupe.

"My outfit was awesome. It was definitely a take on Steve Perry with his tails. So I had a little jacket and didn't wear pants. I just had a leotard on. It was really fun, though," she told

"There was a lot of fringe and stuff. [Choreographer] Mia Michaels said, 'You look like a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.' Because there is white and fringe. But it was really fun."

Julianne has revealed how she prepared for the big screen role. The blonde beauty trained hard to garner her enviable physique.

"I actually changed my diet and exercise routine a little bit. Because in the '80s the women were not twig thin. They looked like they were 18-years-old and they had curves. It was all real, you know? So I definitely beefed up some of my exercises and weights," she explained.

"Yes, I am going to be in a bra and underwear on a pole. I definitely had to focus on that."

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