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Julianne Moore: I didn't doll up for school run

Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore thinks men's appearances are scrutinised as much as women's in the movie business.

Julianne Moore never worried about appearing glamorous during the school run, admitting she looked terrible when dropping her kids off.

The 54-year-old actress is considered a timeless beauty with her youthful complexion and shiny auburn locks. She loves the chance to dress up for a red-carpet event, often favouring Tom Ford or Chanel, but doesn't feel the need to go all out for day-to-day tasks. This included the morning routine with her children, son Caleb and daughter Liv, now 17 and 13 respectively.

“It’s not such a terrible thing to do, to have someone put you in a beautiful dress,” she told Britain's The Telegraph newspaper of getting ready for star-studded occasions. “You get to work with the designer, the atélier, the people who actually sew these dresses. The red carpet has become part of our cultural entertainment.

“I know you’re meant to look good even on the school run these days, but I always looked terrible when I dropped them off. And I continue to.”

Julianne and Tom Ford are close friends and the star appeared in his film debut A Single Man alongside Colin Firth in 2009. She praises the fashion designer for having an "incredible eye" and his attention to detail when selecting gowns for clients.

Julianne's slender figure is also an area of envy. Quizzed on whether she feels pressure in Hollywood to look perfect, Julianne insisted it isn't just females who are judged on their facade.

“Sure, I work out – I do Ashtanga yoga every day, though not at the moment, and I’m careful about what I eat," she explained, referring to a recent shoulder injury from yoga. "But I know that male actors have an awful lot of physical scrutiny to deal with, too. That’s the nature of our business... it doesn’t mean that content doesn’t count. But why would anyone think that, when for centuries people have been objectified, that would all suddenly stop?”

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