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Julianne Moore: I expected magical L'Oreal lab

Julianne Moore expected the L'Oréal laboratories to be a "Willy Wonka kind of place".

The 52-year-old actress is the spokeswoman for global beauty giant L'Oréal's new Age Perfect Cell Renew range.

The star has been using the creams since the end of last year and can vouch for the effectiveness of the products.

"[I've been using them] since they gave them to me in Paris in November. Well, one great thing for me is that the day cream has an SPF. Liberal use of sunscreen, year round, is the best thing you can do for your skin," Julianne explained to British magazine Style. "[I paid a visit to the L'Oréal labs] I was surprised to find it was almost all women in white coats. It's also small. I was expecting this huge Willy Wonka kind of place."

Julianne has managed to resist the temptation to conform to Hollywood's ideals by refusing to have surgery to combat the signs of ageing.

"No, nothing," Julianne confirmed about her all natural appearance.

"It's true, you're under such scrutiny. And you're forced to look at pictures of yourself - like today, I looked at some of our shots and thought, 'Oh my God, look at my neck!' Things are happening in my face and body that weren't happening 20 years ago. There's an inevitability about it, for all of us. But really, my 'doing' anything is not going to prevent me from actually getting any older."

The red-headed actress has grown to accept the parts of her image she is unhappy about. In particular her freckles have been a source of anxiety for the star in the past, but her priorities have changed over the years and she has now learnt to live with them.

"I still don't like my freckles. It's not true that I've learnt to love them. Some people do, but I don't - not mine, anyway," she admitted, "there are other things to worry about. Now I have a family, a job, friends, a life. Not liking my freckles is way down at the bottom of the list. Physical things are just that. There's nothing we can do about them, and they're not as big a deal as it might feel at certain points in our life."

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