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Julianne Moore: I have great skin

Julianne Moore believes her complexion is second to none.

The 52-year-old British-American actress thanks her mother for imposing strict rules about skincare on her at a young age.

Her naturally fair complexion means SPF is something that features prominently in her beauty regime.

"My mother is from Scotland so me and my siblings are all very fair-skinned. We didn't have sunscreen as kids, so my mum wouldn't let us go out in the sun on really hot days. Now I'm so grateful to her, because the condition of my skin is amazing," Julianne told the UK edition of InStyle magazine.

"Since I was 23 I've used an SPF 15 every day. As the face of L'Oréal Paris, I get to try out lots of products. I love the new Age Perfect Cell Renew Day Cream because it has both vitamin C and an SPF."

When it comes to make-up, her colouring dictates this aspect of her beauty routine too. While she isn't resentful about being a redhead, she does wish her lips were a more prominent feature.

"Because my skin is so pale, I always try to keep colour to a minimum. Plus, I'm a redhead; I already bring a lot of colour with me so I tend to be pretty basic when it comes to make-up," she continued.

"I always wish I had the mouth shape that could carry off a bold lip, but my lips are kind of small, so I tend to do my eyes more than my lips. I love a smudgy, smoky eye and I stick to neutral lipstick shades and moisturising glosses."

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