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Julianne Moore: I love massages

Julianne Moore says massages are a worthwhile yet indulgent part of her beauty routine.

The 52-year-old actress says having the treatment done is a luxury not only for the cost but also for the time it takes up.

Despite these factors, the red-haired beauty still believes they are a worthwhile investment.

"I love a good massage - they're a real indulgence, though," Julianne shared with British InStyle magazine.

"It's one of those things you feel really guilty about because it's expensive and can take up a lot of time. But I do think it makes you look and feel better because ultimately, you feel rested."

Julianne has spoken previously about being a creature of habit when it comes to her skincare. Being of a fair complexion means that SPF has always been a feature in her getting ready routine. Similarly, she stays true to the signature scent she's worn for years.

"I've been wearing Kiehl's Musk eau de toilette spray for ages," she continued. "I live in New York City and the Kiehl's flagship store is nearby, so about 15 years ago I wandered in there and found this scent that I liked. I still wear it today."

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