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Julianne Moore: 'I'm not afraid of ageing'

Julianne Moore credits using sunscreen since the age of 24 for her wrinkle-free skin.

Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore isn't worried about ageing because she is focused on more important things in life.

The 55-year-old has spent years working in Hollywood, an industry fixated on youth and beauty, but despite that, Julianne is comfortable in her own skin, and during a chat with WWD, she explained why.

"The reason why people talk about it (ageing) is because it’s a reminder of mortality. Am I right?” she mused. “And the best way to combat that is to authentically think about what it is exactly that you are afraid of and to address that feeling. If you stay in the present and find meaning, those things will have less importance.”

It doesn't mean the Still Alice star doesn't do her bit to look after herself though, and during her chat with the outlet, she revealed her wrinkle-free skin is down to sun cream.

"I have been wearing a sunscreen every single day since I’ve been 24, and now I use Age Perfect by L’Oreal, which has a sunscreen built in," she said.

It isn't the first time the star has spoken about how important sun safety has been to her over the years, crediting her mother with instilling it in her from a young age during a chat with InStyle magazine in 2013.

"My mother is from Scotland so me and my siblings are all very fair skinned," she said. "We didn't have sunscreen as kids, so my mum wouldn't let us go out in the sun on really hot days. Now I'm so grateful to her, because the condition of my skin is amazing."

As for her love of the Age Perfect products, it's no surprise considering Julianne became a L'Oreal ambassador in 2012. Julianne is proud of being involved with a company which sees beauty in diversity.

"It salutes women all over the world, all cultures are represented," she added to WWD. "They don’t promote this singular idea of what is beautiful, you know?”

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