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Julianne Moore: Summer makes my hair crazy!

Julianne Moore reveals certain seasons wreak havoc on her beauty routine.

(Cover) - EN Star Style - Julianne Moore tries not to go out during the summer because of her “frizzy” hair.

The 54-year-old actress rarely looks anything but sleek and stylish when she makes public appearances.

But during an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which aired on Wednesday (07Oct15), Julianne revealed she is not always picture perfect.

Sharing a makeup free selfie which showed her with out of control hair, Julianne said of her usual smooth blowdry: “Somebody did this to my hair - I can't do this to my hair. I can't blow dry my hair. I can't straighten it out.

"My hair is wavy as I like to say, but really, it's frizzy. So in the summertime, I just let it go. I just let it be and I try not to go anywhere because I can't control my hair."

Julianne’s stunning auburn locks set her apart from other Hollywood actresses.

And the actress revealed in a previous interview her hair often helps her get into character.

"I do a lot based on my hair. You have to find a physical way [into a character] because there is so much that people are communicating about themselves, physically. Everything they wear, the way they do their makeup and their hair; all of these are signifiers," she told Glow magazine last November (14).

"When David [Cronenberg] and I were working on [Maps to the Stars], I was like, ‘She is not going to have red hair! A girl like this has got to be a blonde.’ So I dyed my hair blonde. [For movie Still Alice] I cut my hair because I didn’t feel like this type of person would have really long hair, which I had at the time, because she’s a college professor."

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