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Juliette Lewis' rock star stage look

Juliette Lewis likes a stripped-down look when performing.

The 42-year-old star has been in the business since her teens, working extensively both as an actress and a singer.

On set she has to dress up in the clothes her character would wear, but when performing music she has free rein.

“A rock ’n’ roll superhero,” she smiled to The Hollywood Reporter when asked her to describe her onstage look. “Everything has to fit me like a second skin because we all move around so much and I get crazy sweaty, so I don’t have really ornate costumes. They have to be functional, and they have to be vibrant and pop off stage.

“I like a very stripped-down, deconstructed, very human but super-hero kind of vibe. I was inspired a lot by wrestlers, too.”

Offstage Juliette is just as comfortable in a pair of Levi’s as she is in high end designs and lists Helmut Lang, Rick Owens and Hugo Boss as some of her favourite labels.

Her shoe taste is often low key too.

“For heels I usually go to a cheap boot store on Melrose and buy Jeffrey Campbells. They have to have a low heel, like, two inches. By the end of the year on a tour, I usually have to tape them,” she revealed.

Juliette also turned model earlier this summer, starring in a short film for Mara Hoffman’s new active wear line.

Choreographed by Ryan Heffington, famed for Sia’s music videos, the piece was shot in the desert and features Juliette dancing by a tree under the hot sun.

“Mara is just the best. We met at a boutique in LA two years ago, and I was a fan of hers. She’s my kind of person. We talk yoga and family and love. Everything she does has a spiritual element and is so bohemian and unique, and her aesthetic and my aesthetic join perfectly,” she smiled.

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