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Justin Theroux slams hippy garb

Justin Theroux says wearing hippy clothes "repulses [him]".

The actor plays commune member Seth in comedy Wanderlust. Justin has to don a series of outlandish ensembles for his role, including growing extensive facial hair.

The star says the look wasn't something he was a fan of.

"I got stuck with this beard forever. I went off to do another job, and I shaved, and then I got a call from David [Wain - director] saying, 'Oh, we'd love to shoot just one more scene... in a month and a half, maybe it would be great if you could grow your beard.' And I was like, aaah... I hated that look," he moaned in an interview with the UK edition of OK! magazine.

"And wearing hippy clothes repulses me. I don't love it at all!"

Justin also cleared up speculation he looked "bigger" in the film. The star admitted to eating a lot while shooting for the comedy.

"I look bigger?" he mused when the interviewer asked. "Well, I'm a huge man. What are you talking about?! Yeah, I am a bit fatter I think. We were having so much fun and eating so much great food, I was a little more paunchier during filming - don't forget the beer adds about 40lb.

"Well, we were in the Deep South, so the food was all fried. Everything was fried. Fried pickles, fried French fries, fried bacon - it was their thing. We fry everything! Bring it on!"

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