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Justin Timberlake attached to old boots

Justin Timberlake's old cowboy boots make him feel "prepared for every adventure".

The singer-turned-actor has revealed he is holding on to the battered footwear because the boots fit him perfectly. Known for his casual but clean and sometimes sporty style, the traditional shoes might not be what you would expect to find in the star's wardrobe - but Justin insists they accompany him across the globe.

"I've got a pair that are so worn out, they fit me perfectly. I take them everywhere. You have to be prepared for every adventure," he told the UK edition of Glamour.

Justin also joked that one of the perks of being the face of Givenchy fragrance Play Sport is the supply of free clothes the label supplies him with.

He added that both the garments and the simple scent suit his personal style.

"The good thing about a partnership with Givenchy is there's no shortage of support with clothing. They always have very modern but clean lines," he said, before talking about why he likes the perfume. "I'm not going to get into how it makes me feel emotionally - but it's fresh. I don't like smelling like flowers."

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