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Justin Timberlake cringes at boyband style

Justin Timberlake regrets everything he wore when he was in 'N SYNC.

The singer was in the US boy band for seven years, until he decided to embark on a solo career in 2002. Justin sported a range of questionable looks during his time in the group, including all-denim outfits. He now admits he may have made more than one fashion faux pas.

"I really regret all of my outfits from the times with 'N SYNC," he told the German edition of InStyle. "All those muscle shirts, satin jackets, velvet coats, jeans with vests and bandanas."

Justin also cringes about the hairstyles he had during his time in the band.

The 31-year-old experimented with several looks including bleached curls and cornrows.

"And then these brightly dyed blond curls. That was so embarrassing. I don't even want to think about that horrible look anymore" Justin laughed.

The heartthrob went on to discuss his favourite smells.

Justin - who is engaged to actress Jessica Biel - loves the fragrance that emanates from freshly showered women. He also can't get enough of being around babies.

"On girls, I like fresh, natural scents like the one when she has just had a shower. I also like the smell of babies," he explained.

"My best friend Trace Ayala has just made me a godfather for his daughter Sophia. She is so funny and sweet. She smells incredibly good. Very pure and innocent. A little bit like fresh milk."


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