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Justin Timberlake enjoys movie garb

Justin Timberlake appreciates being styled by "Oscar-winning costumers" for film roles, as it doesn't happen "every day".

The musician-turned-actor enjoys mixing up his look for movie characters. Justin has explained which on-screen garb he has grown accustomed to in the past, and named the outfits that weren't so flattering.

"I've had some pretty well-dressed characters: Sean Parker, who wore suits all the time. I'd say the worst dressed was Scott in Bad Teacher. Some of those sweaters were just ridiculous; the one with the bone latch was really funny. I would say Will in In Time had some of the coolest clothing I've worn. It's not every day you get Colleen Atwood, Oscar-winning costumer, dress you," he told the British edition of GQ magazine.

Justin also explained that rather than pick up style tips from his characters, he tries to bring his own style onto the film set.

The 31-year-old heartthrob said working his character into his movie wardrobe helps him to relate to the role he is playing.

"I put a little bit of how I dress and little bit of who I am into every character because [that way] you find something to relate to," he said.

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