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Justin Timberlake: I have to be fit to sing

Justin Timberlake needs to be "marathon ready" if he ever goes back on tour.

The American star has put his singing career on the backburner lately, and is concentrating on acting. Being in movies means he has to be in shape so he looks his best on camera, but he's explained it's also vital to be fit and healthy when he is pursuing singing.

"I ran a lot more so I could get ready for the running scenes [in movie In Time] but I train year-round because it's a job requirement to stay in shape. Even when you get out of shape for a character, that requires discipline. If a certain role comes along or if I go back on tour, that's a marathon and a commitment. I have to be physically ready," he explained.

In Time is set in the future, when people stop aging at 25. It also stars Amanda Seyfried, with Justin appearing in romantic scenes with her.

He admits shooting those parts of films can be tough, especially when he isn't feeling that great about his appearance.

"I think everyone's self-conscious. Absolutely," he told Look magazine.

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