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Justin Timberlake prefers casual look

Justin Timberlake only takes 20 minutes to get ready as he doesn't feel the need to look "perfect" all the time.

The Hollywood star has his own clothing line called William Rast, which he loves working on. He knows many designers are obsessed with fashion but he isn't like that and has no plans of changing.

"It is a lot of fun. I have found my style now, but I am not obsessed with it. I don't need to look perfect at all times. I think it is more important that you feel confident in the clothes you are wearing. If you are feeling good about what you are wearing, other people will see your confidence as well," he told the German edition of InStyle magazine.

"It takes me 20 minutes to get ready. I need ten minutes for the shower, five minutes to dry my hair and five minutes to get dressed. I am not vain so it's done quickly."

Justin went on to talk about what he likes to see women wearing. He hates it when girls try too hard, although he understands they feel under pressure to look perfect.

The hunky star advises going for a relaxed look if women are trying to impress a partner.

"Women shouldn't be so critical with themselves. At dates, a girl should opt for a casual style like comfortable stretch jeans, in which she can move around freely, instead of a tightly fitted dress," he advised. "It is more attractive if a girl doesn't try too hard to make an impression on a guy. Men like natural women a lot more than most people think."

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