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Kanye 'loves Kim's sexy outfits'

Kanye West reportedly loves Kim Kardashian to show off her "bum and cleavage".

The 33-year-old star has been flaunting her curvaceous figure at any given opportunity since shedding her pregnancy weight following the birth of daughter North last June. It seems her new husband is also an advocate of her flashing the flesh, with him apparently encouraging her to show more skin while out and about.

"Kanye likes to be involved in how Kim looks. She puts on something and he'll just say: 'You shouldn't be trying to cover up, you should be showing more,'" a source told British magazine Closer. "He loves her to dress as sexily as possible and often asks her to change into something more revealing. Kanye's obsessed with her bum and cleavage. He's always telling her that she's got a body that drives men wild."

Kanye's advice appears to have been taken to heart by Kim, who reportedly keeps up her seductive facade even when they are both alone. The brunette beauty is said to feel more risqué with her fashion now than ever.

"Kim wants to please Kanye and is keen not to lose her sexy image because she's a wife and mom," the insider added. "Her style is more daring than it was when she was single. She rarely slobs out in front of Kanye. At home, she sticks to sexy outfits and ensures she's made up.

"The ordeal of losing her baby weight still haunts Kim. She hated being bigger and seeing the nasty comments people made about her body during pregnancy. She's worked hard to get it back, so she dresses to show just how hot she is again."

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