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Karen Gillan's intense work outs

Karen Gillan worked out up to four times a week to "bulk up" for her latest film.

The British beauty is unrecognisable in the latest Marvel Comics movie as villainess Nebula, whose fight moves and athletic build put any man to shame. In order to properly prepare for the vigorous role Karen threw herself into working out alongside learning various activities.

"I trained with a personal trainer four times a week to bulk up. I don't work out as much normally so it was pretty intense," she explained to British newspaper Metro.

"And then every day I wasn't working on the film I'd have to do martial arts and they'd teach me how to kick and punch over and over again. It felt like I was in a Rocky montage."

As well as her physical transformation Karen underwent a drastic alteration with her appearance. The 26-year-old actress shaved off her stunning auburn locks and was painted blue to recreate the iconic comic book character, and admits it took some time to get used to.

"I went to bed and when I woke up in the morning, that's when it really hit me," she recalled about ditching her hair. "I was like: 'Aargh!' and I didn't want to touch my scalp. Then when it grows back you go through some weird stages. First there's stubble and then it just started to grow vertically for ages and it didn't ever drop."

After having played Doctor Who's assistant Amy Pond on the small screen for several years Karen is no stranger to the sci-fi genre. However, her mom is just as excited about the film.

"I've always loved sci-fi. I loved watching The X Files and my mom is a huge sci-fi fan. She loves all the Star Treks, so I grew up with that around me.

"Now it's like her dreams have come true," Karen smiled.

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