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Kate Beckinsale: I looked unfortunate

Kate Beckinsale went through a stage of looking "quite unfortunate".

The British actress is hailed as a style icon nowadays but insists this wasn't always the case. Kate's wardrobe used to leave a lot to be desired and the star had many body hang-ups as a teenager.

"I did go through a period of looking quite unfortunate," she revealed in an interview with Style magazine.

"I wore men's pyjama trousers and my brother's jumper and I cut my own hair. I felt like a nubile 17-year-old, and that made me feel vulnerable, as if I had something to protect, so I tried to subvert that."

Despite turning 38 last year, Kate still doesn't feel like a "proper woman". The brunette beauty associates such a label with the glamorous big screen stars of yesteryear.

"God, no. I think this business makes you a bit infantile. When I think 'woman' I think Joan Crawford, and I'm not that. My mother wouldn't say she was a woman either," she said, before the interviewer added that she seemed very comfortable in her own skin.

"That's like when people say 'You look really healthy.' And you think, 'Oh, you're obviously saying I look fat.'"

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