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Kate Beckinsale: I'm not VB's twin!

Kate Beckinsale thinks all she and Victoria Beckham have in common is brown hair.

The stunning Hollywood star is good friends with the designer and they are often compared to one another. While many are convinced they could be twins, Kate doesn't think they're all that similar.

"We're completely different types!" she laughed to German channel Tele 5.

"Of course, we both have brown hair, but I think her butt is much smaller than mine..."

Fans had no complaints about Kate's figure when she starred in the Underworld franchise as the sexy Selene. She had to slip into a super-tight catsuit, but it was no problem for the 42-year-old.

"It made a noise every time I moved, but that's fine by me!" she grinned.

Kate has shown off her impressive fitness in action films including Total Recall and Van Helsing. But while she can kick ass now, it came as a bit of a surprise to her family and friends who knew her as a couch potato.

"I wasn't particularly athletic. No one ever thought, 'I must have Kate on my team,'" she previously revealed to Women's Health, adding that she very rarely worked out. "To me, you only went to the gym if you were really weird and obsessive. No one I knew in London at the time ever did it."

Despite working hard before she was cast in Underworld, things still didn't quite go to plan when she started filming.

"I mean, I could run if a bear were chasing me, but I ran like a girl with my arms like this," she said, demonstrating her flailing. "The day they asked me to try a few punches, it was dismal. All I could see was despair in the stunt coordinator's face."

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